Sunday, September 1, 2013

YA Interrobang

On August 18th, a new website debuted by the name of YA Interrobang. YA Interrobang is a hub for news pertaining authors, tours, events, releases, contests and more within the young-adult book realm.

Nicole Brinkley,
 Founder  ofYA Interrobang
Why am I talking about this? Well, for one, it's founded by a super amazing and good friend of mine, Nicole Brinkley. You may know her as the founder of the former WORD for Teens. WORD closed down on August 1st but Nicole marched loudly and proudly back into the spotlight as Editor in Chief of the unique YA Interrobang.

I love the website. I think it's a fantastic idea. So much happens in the publishing world, and it happens fast. With weekly newsletters put out every Sunday, YA Interrobang highlights recent and upcoming things of note. 

Also, the website design is super pretty. I like shiny and pretty things. 

I am incredibly happy for Nicole, because she is going so many places. I wanted to promo YA Interrobang not only because it's an amazing project, but because it's founded by someone equally as amazing. So ya'll should visit it and check in on it every Sunday.

Oh, and your's truly is part-time writer over there. I don't write tons, but it's fun to do things with your friends, as you all may know. 

To keep updated with what's happening in the YA world, be sure to visit Nicole's website weekly!

Love & Sporks,