Saturday, May 5, 2012

Review: To The Blight

Title:To the Blight (Part 2 of The Eye of the World) (Wheel of Time Series)
Author: Robert Jordan
Publisher: Starscape
Release Date:  January 7th 2002 (Originally published 1993)
To The Blight: The Eye of the World, part 2 (Wheel of Time, #1-2) Pursued by Trollocs and Myrddraal, Rand and his friends find refuge in the deserted city of Shadar Logoth. But their wandering—and the many dangers they face—are far from over. For from the lips of a dying Aiel girl they learn that the Dark One means to blind the Eye of the World. Having barely escaped capture and death, Rand finds himself face to face with Aginor: a wielder of the One Power and an ally of the Dark One.

In the battle that follows, Rand will discover his true identity...and destiny.

The sequel of From the Two Rivers and part 2 of The Eye of the World, The Blight made for a spectacular beginning for the series. When I started this book, I didn't realize how attached I had become to the characters until one died and other came into greater danger.

The whole beginning of this series is about three young boys from a tiny farming land, The Two Rivers, that is extremely secluded from the rest of the world. These three boys are supposed to change the world - either one of them or all of them - for the better or worse. In this book, Ran al'Thor is finally born into the world of the Aes Sedai and the conflict of Light versus Shadow. At the end of this book, I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat and making so many faces that my friends thought I was actually entertaining. The ending was nothing like I expected and all that I wanted. I'm still reeling from this book and I love it SO much. I can't say too much without giving away wonderful details of the story but I can say that everyone should read it.

The story line of the book is so very interesting, even if it was a bit slow in the first book. The pace definitely quickens in this book and story takes you on a thrill ride. I also really loved all the different settings used in the story as it followed the paths of each boy (and girl). The towns, the people, the countryside -- all very imaginative.

Also, don't be swayed from it because it's an older series; that doesn't make it worse. In fact, if you're a fan of the Lord of the Rings, you'll LOVE this series. I am a LOTR fan and this book really satisfies my love for literature like it.

All in all, I'm just dying to get my hands on the next book!

I gave it FIVE of FIVE Sporks!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Follow Friday (15)

Gain New Blog FollowersIt's Follow Friday time again! Woo! Anyway... This week's feature is The Housework Can Wait (@ Alison Can Read) and  
Ali's Bookshelf Reviews (@ Parajunkee)! Go check' em out. :D

Now for the question...

Q: What is one thing you wish you could tell your favorite author?

I have so many favourite authors, I couldn't even begin to choose which one to talk to exclusively. Which also brings me to another point; I don't have much to tell besides how big of a fan I am and how they've inspired me. Instead I'd like to talk with them. Learn from them; how they organize their story, what are the hard and easy parts, how did they start? Things like that. It would just vary from author to author, like J.K. Rowling and Rachel Vincent would both warrant different conversations. (Though they'd both be awesome!)

What about you?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"Waiting On" Wednesday: Defiance

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.
This week's pre-publication "can't-wait-to-read" selection is:

by C.J. Redwine
Release Date: August 28th 2012
Publisher:Balzer + Bray
From Goodreads;

Defiance (Defiance, #1)Within the walls of Baalboden, beneath the shadow of the city’s brutal leader, Rachel Adams has a secret. While other girls sew dresses, host dinner parties, and obey their male Protectors, Rachel knows how to survive in the wilderness and deftly wield a sword. When her father, Jared, fails to return from a courier mission and is declared dead, the Commander assigns Rachel a new Protector, her father’s apprentice, Logan—the same boy Rachel declared her love for two years ago, and the same boy who handed her heart right back to her. Left with nothing but fierce belief in her father’s survival, Rachel decides to escape and find him herself. But treason against the Commander carries a heavy price, and what awaits her in the Wasteland could destroy her.

At nineteen, Logan McEntire is many things. Orphan. Outcast. Inventor. As apprentice to the city’s top courier, Logan is focused on learning his trade so he can escape the tyranny of Baalboden. But his plan never included being responsible for his mentor’s impulsive daughter. Logan is determined to protect her, but when his escape plan goes wrong and Rachel pays the price, he realizes he has more at stake than disappointing Jared.

As Rachel and Logan battle their way through the Wasteland, stalked by a monster that can’t be killed and an army of assassins out for blood, they discover romance, heartbreak, and a truth that will incite a war decades in the making.

I love period books with things in them that don't exist/never happened. Sorta like historical fiction, but not. There's a word for it, but I don't remember it. But it's this book. These type of books always catch my interest and this one definately has. I can see a really nicely built world in the book and I would love to lose myself in it. Also, the cover is pretty. Like, I want a poster of it-pretty. (I love pretty covers.)