About the Blog;;

2010 came and went, and  then 2011 charged in - starting the second decade of the 2000's. With this new year, and new decade, Liz here decided to start a blog. Again. This blog is devoted to anything that crossed her mind, but mostly pertain to this:

  • Reviews on Books & Movies
  • Chatter on Current Topics
  • Fangirlyness 
  • And perhaps, some Giveaways

Why was The World of the Spork Master created? Well, Liz wanted a way to express herself online without limiting herself to one area. She loves books and movies, and likes to review both. How could she do that when she likes to fangirl about guys or stories? So, this blog was thus born for that reason, and for her New Years Resolution.


Recipient of the Liebster Blog Award - Recognizing Fantastic Blogs with under 200 followers. (August 2011)