Saturday, February 26, 2011


The other night, I finally was able to watch the amazing action thriller known as Salt. It starred Hollywood's hottie, Angelina Jolie, and Liev Shrieber as a supporting actor. To say it was good, would be to put it mildly...

After she's accused of being a Russian sleeper spy, rogue CIA agent Evelyn Salt (Angelina Jolie) goes on the run, using every tactic, accent and disguise she knows to elude her pursuers, clear her name and protect her husband. Her supervisor, Winter (Liev Schreiber), buys her story, while counterintelligence officer Peabody (Chiwetel Ejiofor) decidedly does not and will do anything to stop her in this fast-paced, intrigue-filled spy adventure.


 When I settled in to watch this movie, I wasn't expecting such a fast-paced film. Nor did I expect for there to be so much meat to it's story. After the movie was over, my family and I talked about it like we do with all movies. There was only one movie I could compare this to - Inception. The movie Inception is a masterpiece and Salt's general plot theme is similar. It started out showing you Evelyn Salt as an average worker...except for being a worker for the CIA. She seems like a good girl, with scars in her past, but that's it. And then the gloves come off. You're sent into a tail spin and find that Salt isn't all that you thought she was. You find the character you're supposed to connect with, betraying your feelings and becoming the exact opposite of who you thought she was.

Then...when you think you have it all figured out...BAM. The whole story is revealed, you feel bad about your misjudgments, and think..."How the hell did they pull all that off?" and "Why didn't I see that coming!?"

Yup. Totally. It blew me away, and I loved it! I'd definitely recommend this to anyone to watch.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Count of Monte Cristo

So, I've been wanting to watch this movie, The Count of Monte Cristo... I first saw it on Netflix about four or five months ago, and added it to my Queue. Well, now I finally watched it! :D

In this beautifully photographed rekindling of the classic Alexandre Dumas story. Edmond Dantés's (Jim Caviezel) life and plans to marry the beautiful Mercedes (Dagmara Dominczyk) are shattered when his best friend, Fernand (Guy Pearce), deceives him. After spending 13 miserable years in prison, Dantés escapes with the help of a fellow inmate (Richard Harris) and plots his revenge, cleverly insinuating himself into the French nobility.
This was one pretty good movie. LOVED the action, and I actually liked the guy they chose to be the ''bad'' guy. (He sorta made me think of Goblin Jr. in Spiderman 2 or 3 )

Edmond was an awesome character and they cast him well. Plus, it had a really solid plot. It wasn't just a fluff movie. Far from it actually, since they also weren't afraid to show how life was like in prisons back then. Pretty interesting.

So, I don't want to give much away besides that there's cute guys and sword fighting. How 'bout that for enticing? ;]

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Hey-a! So, I finally finished Shiver in January, after so many people recommending it to me.

It was  a nice read, but I wasn't that thrilled with it. I think that because everyone was telling me that is was this awesome, amazing book, that I was expecting more than I should have. Here's my review on Goodreads;

I was very eager to read this book, because it had been recommended to me SO many times. Especially when I was just holding it in B&N and two random people point at it and tell me I'll love it.

Shiver has the best, in my opinion, reason for werewolf changes. They change because it's cold (Winter) and stay human when it's warm (Summer). Doesn't that just make perfect sense? Much better than the moon and dark nights.

So, I started this book with tons of good recommendations and high acclaims. It's beginning was great, and I was really looking forward to this.

However, it fell so far short of my expectations. Maybe it was all the hype put into it that made me not like it as much.

It was incredibly slow for a large period of time after Grace and Sam met. And then it turned way too romantic. I'm sorry, I still don't believe in sex at 17 and 18, and I don't think it flatters a story. Shiver went WAY down the point scale at that spot in the book.

I do know some girls, and guys, who are ridiculously mushy like that. I, personally, can't stand it but it's alright in a book for a little bit. Shiver went a bit overboard.

The plot, on the other hand, was good. I liked that whole part about the cure, but Stiefvater owes some major explaining. Why did Jack die from meningitis, and not Sam?! Maybe she does that in the next one, Linger -- I don't know.

All in all, it's not my favourite. I gave it 3 out of 5 stars simply because of the brilliant werewolf idea and the plot. Oh...and Sam's pretty cool. ;]

If you want to friend me on Goodreads, you can go here! So what did you think of the book? :D