The Spork Master

Who is this Spork Master, and why does said person have a blog?
     The Spork Master;;

Hey! I'm Lyndsay. I live in the sunny state of California. I am a Sophomore in College. My
obsessions include, among many things, Sporks, Pirates, Dragons, Elves, Books, Photography,  Anything Irish, Tea, Supernatural, Suits...the list goes on.

I like to write, and roleplay. Though I haven't had much time to do either lately, I have roleplayed for almost ten years and I have written my own stories for about 6 years.

Photography is my other passion. I love to capture the world in anyway I can, so I can keep it and look upon it later for the rest of my life. I like to be able to share with people how I see the world. Pictures are worth a thousand words, aren't they?

Finally, Sporks. It started as a random thing with my best friend eight years ago. I created an "army of sporks" and thus titled my self as the Spork Master. As the Spork Master, I work to rule the world with my Sporks. And defeat my best friend's Radioactive Muffin Army.

I am pretty random, hence this blog. It's a place for me to channel it and perhaps entertain whilst doing so. Oh, and I love hearing from people! Drop me a note or "howdy!" sometime!