Friday, August 23, 2013

A Revamped Harry Potter?

As of late, I've been noticing dates on a lot of things. For instance, the years that certain movies came out, or the years of certain video games. Yet, there is one thing I hadn't looked at in awhile and that is the Harry Potter series. Apparently we have lived long enough to see the day that the Harry Potter books need a complete re-design.

Now that may stop you in your tracks like it did me, but never fear! The covers really are nice! Though for us 80s and 90s kids, I'm sure we'll still keep our original sets.

But lets take a look at this new design. Scholastic recently announced - on the birthday Harry Potter and J.K Rowling - the cover redesign and told us that the hard covered books will remain the same. 

But how 'bout those covers?

Scholastic also released the photos for each spine. When the books are together, the image on each spine lines up to reveal the Hogwarts castle.

As of yet we have not been shown the back covers, but it's supposed to be a grand deal! What do you guys think of the new artwork? Do you like it better or do you not care? Leave your opinions in the comments! 

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