Sunday, January 9, 2011

Charlie St. Cloud

You know those stories by Nicholas Sparks? The ones that he says are romance stories not love stories....or is the other way around...whatever it is, those stories? Yeah, I don't like them. Never have. The plots are so hpredictable. They're basically cookie cutter plots and he uses that same cookie cutter over and over. So, I have refused to watch his movies...The Notebook, Dear John, The Last Song; I avoided them all.

However, my family wanted to watch Charlie St. Cloud. I was prejudice to the millionth degree because of it 1. being a Nicholas Sparks movie and 2. it starred Zac Efron. I never liked him after I found out how egotistical he was and that he went along for 3 High School Musicals. (C'mon...those are just silly. HS is not that way)

But...I watched it anyway.

I LIKED it. Can you believe it? I actually liked a Zac Efron/ Nicholas Sparks movie. Yeah, some parts were cliche...death, danger and whatnot. But there was no cancer or estranged family. It seemed a little bit more normal, and I love the "super powers" Charlie had. [spoilers!] How cool would it be, to still see a dead family member everyday and talk to them? Charlie got to do that with his little brother after their fatal car accident. Why could he? Because Charlie had died, but was brought back. He came back with this new ability.

And then he meets a girl he hadn't seen since High School. They fall in love and whatnot. (They sorta made out on their first date, which is stupid, but it's not when you figure it out later...) And then she gets in a crash out on the ocean and Charlie sees her. The thing is...he doesn't know that she's not really there. He thinks she's real.
[end spoilers!]

Without giving away the ending, I have to say that it was pretty dang good. I wouldn't be against watching it again. :D

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