Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So I Went Shopping...

So, this last weekend I was able to go to Barnes and Noble. I have to say, that's my favourite place to be besides the beach. And my favourite B&N? The one in the Ontario Malls in California. It's freakin' huge!
(It also used to be by this /awesome/ Irish pub and grill, but it was just recently replaced with a Mexican restaurant. To say I was ticked off would be an understatement.)

Anyway, this particular B&N is so large and has the most sections I've ever seen. There's even a section all alone for movie books. And then music books. Never seen that in all the B&N's I've went too. (It also has the largest starbucks I've seen. ;D)

I literally went /everywhere/ looking at books. Sci-fi, music, movies, fiction, non fiction, cooking, games, sales (loooovvee), and the young adult section (fave). In the YA section was where I nearly had a panic attack. There, waiting for me in the corner of the very bottom shelf of the YA section, was the book I've been waiting for....My Soul to Steal by Rachel Vincent. The last one this ginormous B&N had! I was stoked. And then, next to it...The Iron King by Julie Kagawa! I've been trying to buy this book for ages, but every book store I went to didn't have it. >:F But I have it, and I am happeh! :D Then, last but not least, (on the next shelf over), was Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr. I've read Wicked Lovely many times (the only book other than the HP series I've read more than once), and have begged my mom to buy the rest of the series. I gave up, since I couldn't find it anymore like The Iron King. Alas! I found it, and I bought it!

Along with a HP: DHP1 bookmark that was next to the register. >:D Can you say impulse buyer? LOL

For some reason, blogger won't load this the correct way...but it's supposed to be turned portrait style. But its my new pwnsome books! :D
All the books I recieved from Christmas, above and below....busy shopping, no?
 Needless to say, I need a new bookshelf. Mine is now full. But I am so excited about all of these, that they received a special post. :D


  1. Once you read Shiver, I'd love to hear your reactions/comments about the book.

  2. I posted a review, so you can check it out. ;]


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