Sunday, August 14, 2011

Going on a Break.....Sorta

Hi guys! So, as yesterday's post told you, I'll be on a week long vacation. This post was (or is since I'm making it now...>.>)  set up a couple days ago, so by the time you're reading this, I shall be on the road making stops in Irvine, Tustin, Newport Beach, Buena Park, and then finally Anaheim, Ca. It will be a LONG day. I will not be back until very late August 21st, and then I start school at 7am on the 22nd. This being my Senior will be crazy. So, I will be extending my break until August 26th. I will return August 27th.

But, what about that 'sorta' part in the title of this post? Well, I'm hoping to still update occasionally. I'll probably have the WoWs and the TT posts and maybe a review here and there. However, nothing special since I'm relaxing for the most part. Oh, and grabbing some goodies (hopefully!) for you guys at the D23 Expo next weekend. 

So, I hope you won't miss me too much and that you will still be entertained by my smiling Sporks on the homepage! :D

Have a fantastic whats-left-of-your summer! It's gone by way too fast.


  1. I live in Irvine! Although I'm in the Philippines at the moment so hmm. I hope you enjoy your visit!

  2. Oh, awesome! That's where my grandparents had lived since the seventies (in Irvine, that is), but they both passed away in the last year. I used to go there ALL the time. :D And thanks! Hope your time in the Philippines was nice!


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