Saturday, August 27, 2011

I am BACK.

Hey guys! So, as you can tell, I am BACK from my eight day vacay. (Woo! I rhymed!) It was a blast and I enjoyed every minute of it. 

The Chancellor and I after the show
at the Knight Club

It started with Medieval Times where I fell in love with the Chancellor, received a flower from the Blue Knight who promptly looked down my shirt after the show when I met him (I have photo proof!), and was flirted with by the King's marksmen. Oh, and the Chancellor flirted with me too which was probably the best part of the whole night. 

My vacay ended with the D23 Expo and that was exhausting. I didn't get to meet - or even see - Dave Barry, so that was a bummer. I went to Disney's Hyperion book booth and I was SO disappointed. They had nothing for the normal shopper or the reviewer, and you couldn't even buy anything. They said "All the books here are for show. You can only look at them.". What. The. Fudge!? Anyway. I went one booth over to Little Golden Books and got some freebies. Their freebies are just some of the many pieces of swag I found all over that three floor convention center and I hope to give some of it away.