Friday, July 8, 2011

Review: Gnomeo & Juliet


Title: Gnomeo and Juliet
Production Co.: Touchstone Pictures, Rocket Pictures, & Miramax Films
Release Date:  February 11th, 2011
Stars: (Voices of) James McAvoy, Emily Blunt, Ozzy Osbourne, Matt Lucas, & Michael Caine
Where to Buy: Amazon 

"A little adventure goes a lawn way."
From Netflix:
An edgy Shakespeare adaptation like no other, this animated musical transports the classic tale of forbidden romance between two star-crossed lovers from warring families to the unlikely yet hysterical world of garden gnomes. Features songs from legendary recording artist Elton John.

I love adaptaions on Shakespeare stories/plays, and this movie didn't fall short of my expectations. It actually exceeded it.

The movie starts out showing a town house divided in two, on side housing an old woman, and the other and old man. Their last names? Capulet and Montague. Mrs. Capulet has her house decked out in blue while Mr. Montague has his in red. When they're gone, the gnomes and all the garden decorations come to life. However, one hop over the fence in either direction, and you (as a gnome) have headed into enemy territory. The two sides of gnomes - who refer to the each other as the Reds and the Blues - hate each other. Each family is set out to one up the other or destroy the other.
Gnomeo finding Juliet

The movie is full of so many puns, that's it just downright hilarious. They even clink when they touch each other or walk around. (Ya know, since they're made of porcelain.) The best part, though? The movie actually had a plot, and it didn't follow strictly to Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliette. 
The characters were well rounded, which made the watcher engrossed in the scenes. The 'aww's and the 'oh no!'s came very easily. The animation was pretty good, and the details were wonderful.
As a whole, it's a great movie for the family or even a date. Loved it!

I give it four sporks!

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