Monday, January 23, 2012

Book Fairs

Hey guys! Sorry about last week there...I was sick and had a lot of stress going on. However, I'm feeling better and that stress is going away! Yay! 

During that last week, I went to my high school's library to return a book. The librarian loves to talk to me and constantly asks me for book suggestions for the library and such. (I've been dubbed a future Librarian by her.) So, one day we were talking about new books that have come out that she wants to buy and we got on the topic of our upcoming Book Fair. Ours will run this whole week and sell books of all kinds -- YA to Cooking, Trivia to Adult (no, not the bad kind...James Patterson kind!). I was super excited about this, as always, but I was informed that this would be our last book fair if we didn't come in with more money. Scholastic reported that they lose more money sending us the books and setups than they earn in profit. This year, it's all up to how much we do.

I'm hoping to buy a whole bunch of books so I can contribute and help keep the book fair here for students in the coming years. 

So, do you guys have any ideas on what our high school can do to help?

Also, do you guys have book fairs in your city? If so, share them here and what books you want to see/get!

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